Asianata 2.0

Make ball combos in a lively environment with an oriental twist
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Asianata is a puzzle game developed by KraiSoft and published by WildTanget. You have to arrange all types of colored balls into combos. The game will guide you step by step on your duties. You have to finish as fast as possible in order to get all the combos before you run out of time .

During this game you will face different challenges such as wind moving the balls, the force of gravity making difficult for you to finish your task on time. You will also come across stone walls, pillars, and other obstacles that will make even more difficult for you to get your job done.

This program has three modes: Strategy, where you have to make simple combos from at least four balls; Puzzle, where you have to make a figure by using all colors and balls on your game field; and Arcade, where you have to make combos of four before the balls become rock. You also have a hall of fame and multiple profile options if there is more than one person using your computer.

This application has a smooth oriental interface, which is nice, and simple. It is easy to use and to follow. It has nice graphics and effects, and respects physics law. This game also provides you with good sound quality. It is a good option for people all ages, especially teen and up who enjoy puzzle games and like realistic features.

Operative Systems:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, Server 2003, XP Home and Professional Edition, Vista.

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  • Realistic Features
  • Good Sound and Video Quality
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